Where to wear a sexy lingerie, what are you leaking


Interest underwear has a unique charm, which can add interest and fun.But if we wear it properly, it will be counterproductive.This article will explore which places that may be leaked out of fun underwear in order to avoid these troubles when choosing and wearing.

If the position is improper, it may "expose the stuffing"

Some sexy underwear design has deliberately exposed parts, but if it is not for the designer intentionally, it may be exposed in improper wearing position.


Bra is a must -have in women’s underwear, especially when wearing sexy underwear.Too small or too large bras can cause chest spillover, or expose when dynamic, affecting the overall effect.


Some erotic underwear will be designed with back -back parts, but if the back design is improperly or too tight, it may be possible to cut meat or fat spill, which seriously affects the overall beauty.


Many sexy skirts will deliberately design a little "air" on the side, but if this air is too strong, it may cause the side to light, affecting mood and marriage life.


When wearing a sexy underwear, if you don’t pay attention to the bottom of the leg, it may be exposed, and it will even affect pace and action.


Some people may be exposed outside the hips that are not dressed in unlicensed panties.This is because if the underwear is worn outside the hips, it will look very indecent.


Some people may spill the stomach when wearing a belly clothes.This is usually caused by improper wearing or excessive exercise, and you need to pay special attention.

How to avoid the problem of erotic underwear leaking

If you want to avoid the problem of erotic underwear, you can use the following methods:

Choose a suitable sexy underwear;

Pay attention to the position;

Avoid excessive exercise or violent activities;

Select the right personal underwear according to the underwear style;

Pay attention to maintaining a beautiful body and avoid deformation of underwear due to obesity problems.

Appropriate underwear is also important

Interest underwear not only requires the correct way of wear, but also to choose the right sexy underwear is also very important.Therefore, choose a brand and before buying, follow your own characteristics and needs, and do not trust the so -called "one foot and one -inch gold" promotional strategy.


Choosing and wearing sexy underwear is an art, which requires extra cautiousness.If you wear incorrectly, it will directly affect your self -confidence and charm.I hope this article will provide you with some help and suggestions when buying and wearing sexy lingerie.

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