Which batch of sexy sheets


Interest underwear has always been a category that has attracted much attention in the fashion field, and it is also one of the popular products in the market.If you are a merchant selling sexy underwear, you should have a unique insight for how to wholesale sexy underwear.This article will share with you where to wholesale sexy underwear.

Wholesalers abroad

The design of many sexy underwear is very delicate and has a variety of styles.Therefore, if you want to increase the appearance differences of the product, buying from foreign wholesalers may be a wise choice.Foreign wholesalers are rich in products and excellent quality, but they will increase costs due to transportation and customs clearance problems.

Domestic wholesalers

There are also many wholesalers in China that provide wholesale services in sex underwear.The products purchased by domestic wholesalers can reach customers more quickly and reduce logistics time.You can go directly to the large wholesale market and commercial building for related procurement, or you can buy it on the e -commerce platform.

Manufacturer directly purchases

Another way to wholesale sexy underwear is to use direct procurement with the manufacturer.This method will minimize intermediate links, reduce costs, and ensure the quality of products.However, there are also some unsustainable challenges, such as trade regulations and funding issues.

Special warning

For merchants who are ready to buy from abroad, please pay attention to some important matters.For example: language communication, trade regulations, customs supervision and tariffs on overseas wholesalers.In addition, a certain investigation and understanding of the credibility of wholesalers, otherwise it is easy to suffer fraud.

Price difference

According to different procurement methods, the same product will also be different in the price range of different merchants.In the process of wholesale sexy underwear, the price is not the only factors to consider. Quality, transportation time, and after -sales service also need to be fully considered.Therefore, merchants need to choose different procurement channels according to their own situation.

Establish a supplier contact

Merchants should think about how to build a long -term relationship with suppliers.Establishing supplier contact is not only the guarantee of its own product quality, but also reduces costs and improves the market competitiveness of products.


When wholesale erotic underwear or any kind of product, the merchant shall carefully calculate each expenditure and ensure that they carefully account for costs.In addition, merchants also need to carefully handle each order, especially when international trade is conducting, because each order will involve problems such as customs tariffs, freight, exchange rates, and product adjustment.

Customer feedback post service

The last point is the later service of the customer.Until the customer receives the goods and uses the product, the merchant should do the necessary follow -up services.While establishing its own brand reputation, doing a good job of after -sales service of customers will also become a certificate of identity improved by its own brand.

in conclusion

In general, wholesale and sexy underwear can choose directly to purchase foreign wholesalers, domestic wholesalers and manufacturers.Each purchase method has its own advantages and disadvantages.The key is to determine the procurement method based on their actual situation and market demand.The process of wholesale erotic underwear is not simple, but if you can reasonably choose the channels for cooperation, adhere to the concept of quality service supremacy, and constantly accumulate brand reputation. Merchants will get rid of the pressure of competition in the market and win more market share.

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